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July 17, 2018


Citrine is the stone best known for attracting money, and abundance. Many people carry a small peace with them in their purse or wallet for this reason. This stone is self cleansing and can clear other stones. It’s a joyfully intense stone, energising, creative, protective. It’s an all round favourite of mine as it’s energy is so high vibing that…

July 16, 2018

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the most popular blue stone. This is a great stone for leaders as it encourages you to take charge but also improves self awareness. It amplifies thoughts and brings objectivity and clarity to any situation, it also eases conflict and encourages you to share your truth. I use this stone for headeaches and for a burst of…

July 16, 2018


Carnelian is the stone you want to take with you to an interview or an important meeting. It’s a grounding and anchoring stone that stabalises you and restores motivation. It also is a great thought clearer so aids perception and analysis, and relieves you from laziness. It’s also a good stone for helping you trust yourself, it protects you emotionally…

What Inflowencers Say

“These are top quality, ultra smooth and lovely to look at!
Upon opening the packaging I was greeted by a lovely scent and out came these lovely gemstones. I'm most happy.
Don't want to put them down as I love how they feel in my hands!
Brilliant gift. Tank you so much!”

HannahOval, London

“Wow! Just received my first order from Gem Stone Love. Super speedy and safely packaged - I am a very happy customer! Product is gorgeous, practical and meaningful - couldn't be happier!”

JoHammersmith, London

“I received my birthday gift from a dear friend. She knew I was struggling with thyroid issues and also anxiety. I feel a lot calmer since I have had it. A beautiful reminder you are never alone, always have people watching over you.
Love angels so this was the perfect gift. It came in a beautiful gift bag 🙂 many thanks Gem Stone Love.”

CherelleSurrey, England