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October 4, 2018

Introducing Oils to the mix!

I have been not so quietly working away on oil blends for about 5 years, so it’s my greatest pleasure to bring it to my gemstone lovers! All new oil mixes on offer will sit in the Oils tab in the menu bar. I LOVE essential oils and carrier oils and butters. I started making body lotion for myself when…

August 13, 2018

Onyx for Leo Season

Watch the latest IGTV episode where we talk about Leo Season and why Onyx is a good stone to have around you during this Lion’s gate. You can find Onyx in an Amethyst and onyx bracelet here https://gemstonelove.co.uk/product/amethyst-mix-bracelet/

July 19, 2018

Rose Quartz

When people think of a love stone they think of Rose Quartz. It’s a beautiful stone in it’s simplicity and does indeed encourage self love and a general love vibe. This is a great stone to use when creating and reciting positive affirmations. It also is great for releasing emotions that no longer serve you like the idea of not…

What Inflowencers Say

“These are top quality, ultra smooth and lovely to look at!
Upon opening the packaging I was greeted by a lovely scent and out came these lovely gemstones. I'm most happy.
Don't want to put them down as I love how they feel in my hands!
Brilliant gift. Tank you so much!”

HannahOval, London

“Wow! Just received my first order from Gem Stone Love. Super speedy and safely packaged - I am a very happy customer! Product is gorgeous, practical and meaningful - couldn't be happier!”

JoHammersmith, London

“I received my birthday gift from a dear friend. She knew I was struggling with thyroid issues and also anxiety. I feel a lot calmer since I have had it. A beautiful reminder you are never alone, always have people watching over you.
Love angels so this was the perfect gift. It came in a beautiful gift bag 🙂 many thanks Gem Stone Love.”

CherelleSurrey, England